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Medical mHealth applications utilizing the iPhone to enhance clinical decision making and maximize efficiencies in healthcare delivery.

Accelerating the mHealth Revolution

Accelerating the mHealth Revolution; TouchDx Offers Free Leading Edge iPhone Medical Applications for Academicians and the Next Generation of Healthcare Providers

TouchDx enabling the mHealth revolution and challenging Business as Usual Medicine

San Diego, CA, May 11, 2010 - Touch Diagnostics (TouchDx) the leading developer of mHealth solutions for smartphone devices will begin releasing free "Edu" versions of its iPhone medical apps with the goal of empowering healthcare practitioners and patients, through hands on use of TouchDx medical apps. Beyond academic institutions and medical students, the "Edu" version sets out to educate and ready all healthcare consumers and providers to embrace and experience the mHealth revolution.

“For far too long, the medical community has been driven by the top down, command and control model. With mHealth, innovation and change will be powered by the individual patient and their healthcare provider”, stated Brent Gutekunst, CEO, of Touch Diagnostics. “That’s precisely why we are providing patient and doctor friendly applications on the most sophisticated platform available to the medical community…the smartphone. We are focusing on empowering both the doctor and the patient to define and control what’s best for them. We intend to be a disruptive force in business as usual medicine.”

Some of the free “Edu” version apps to be released include:

OKN+: To assess for optikinetic nystagmus

RedDesat: To identify possible optic nerve pathology

DigiTap: To assess fine motor skills in patients as part of a neurological work up

ReActDx: To assess fine motor skills and cognition

TremorTracer: Archimedes Spiral Test to assess and evaluate tremor

Today the worldwide population is approximately 6.8 billion, of which an astounding 4.6 billion own and use mobile phones - with an estimate of 5 billion by the end of 2010. In contrast, currently there are 1.8 billion internet users worldwide. With mobile phones being in the hands of nearly 75% of the world’s population, it is unequivocally the communication and technology platform of choice. Pairing the mobile phone’s accessibility, technical capabilities, portability, convenience, and global reach, TouchDx believes the mobile phone will revolutionize how medicine will be managed and delivered in the 21st Century.

Founded in 2009, Touch Diagnostics (TouchDx), is leading the mHealth revolution by providing healthcare practitioners and patients smartphone based solutions in order to facilitate better patient care, treatment and management. As pioneers in mHealth, TouchDx leverages the convenience, innovation and technical capabilities of the iPhone, to quantify the previously unquantifiable, enhance clinical surveillance, increase diagnostic sensitivity, and to yield better health outcomes for patients worldwide.

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